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Sunday, 9-May-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mother's Day 2010

We took Nanay to have her haircut and to Denny's after
Troy's present
Reanna's gift
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Friday, 12-Feb-2010 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Joey's Wedding Rehearsal

Lila and Reanna, the groom's sisters!
Bride, Groom, Father of the Groom
Reanna joins the ladies
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Thursday, 14-Jan-2010 22:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Goodbye, Lola

Hello. My name is Renee Sereno, a.k.a. The Harbinger of Doom.

I knew it. I just knew it.

For weeks, a little voice in my head kept bugging me to call Lola Viring. But something always kept me from doing it. It was the memory of my last phone call with my other grandmother, Lola Luz. It was a wonderful, light-hearted conversation. She asked about my kids while I asked her for the recipes of my favorite meals in Mindanao. After over an hour on the phone, I said goodbye, making sure to tell her “I love you” so many times. That was the last day of her life. She fell asleep later that night and never woke up. I would like to think that Lola Luz fell asleep with a smile on her face. Nevertheless, I was deeply saddened by the fact that one of the people I admired most in this world was gone.

And so, when I finally called Lola Viring exactly a week ago as I write this, it was with a feeling of foreboding. I knew she wasn't in good health. I knew the flooding from Typhoon Ondoy had taken a toll on her. But I also knew it was time to make that phone call. And I’m glad I did. To my surprise, she sounded good and healthy. A little hoarse, but hale and hearty, nevertheless. She talked about the recent New Year celebration and how everybody was there for Lolo Maning’s birthday, just like the old days. She was looking forward to seeing Uncle Butch and asked if my Mom’s stepdaughter would mind watching Ira so my Mom could make it home as well. She asked about my kids and we compared leche flan recipes. She even got to talk to my husband, Lorenzo. And then we said our goodbyes and “I love you’s”.

Later that day, she was rushed to the hospital, never to return home again.

A part of me wonders if she was just waiting for my phone call. I was her first apo, the one she spoiled before everyone else and the one she hadn’t spoken to in ages. Should I have called when I did? After all, with my track record with Lola Luz, I should have known there was a possibility that last phone call was a portent of things to come.

But what if I hadn’t made that phone call? Then I wouldn’t have had the chance to hear her voice again. I wouldn’t have been able to tell her she was the inspiration for my leche flan business. I wouldn’t have been able to tell her “I love you” one last time. And I would’ve missed the chance to hear her say “I love you” back.

And so for these I am thankful. Because, just like with my Daddy and Lola Luz, I was blessed to be able to say goodbye.

I know the crying will come later. I’m still too busy remembering the complicated woman that was Lola Viring.

I miss you, Lola.

Love, Rima

Thursday, 13-Aug-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dad's Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Lorenzo's Bumblebee cake
singing "Happy Birthday"
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We surprised my husband, Lorenzo, with a small party for his 40th birthday. I had our choir director call him to invite him to choir practice, but when we got to the church our friends surprised him with a special "Bumblebee" birthday cake designed by my favorite cake decorator (we call our kids our bumblebees). We then proceeded to the fellowship hall for vegetarian pizza, a special tossed salad made by our friend, Debye, and a delicious berry bowl from another church member, Judi, and of course, yummy birthday cake for dessert!

Happy Birthday, Daddy. We love you!

Monday, 20-Jul-2009 16:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Waiting Room Ballerina

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It all started with a simple hair tie.

There we were, waiting to be seen by Reanna's pediatrician for what turned out to be Swimmer's Ear (a souvenir from Troy's birthday party), when I decided to put her hair up. She was getting bored and I needed a distraction fast. Reanna loved it. "I look like a ballerina!" she smiled, and started dancing around the room.

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